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Psychotherapy involves a systematic exploration of influences both within and outside of our awareness that shape our emotional and psychological world.  Our symptoms present us with accurate roadmaps toward health and wellness, and therapy helps us identify those roadmaps.

Initial Consultation:  Free of Charge

*If you are experiencing financial distress, please ask Dr. Arslanian about reduced fee options/availability.

With the intention of protecting my clients' privacy at the highest standards, I am not contracted with any insurance providers. 

However, I also understand that paying out of pocket can be challenging at times.  For this reason, I reserve spaces in my practice to accommodate those who need financial flexibility, and will reduce my fee based on the current availability in my practice. 

For those clients wanting to use their insurance coverage, I am happy to provide a reimbursement statement.

Please do not hesitate to share your financial concerns.  I will gladly discuss options with you.
                                                        --Dr. Arslanian

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